A retrograde, obsolete business model

HVAC technology has methodically improved in terms of sophistication, efficiency, and reliability since its invention in 1902. What hasn’t changed is the industry service model: an analog, reactive model that creates stress, frustration, and inefficiency for customers.


The Problem

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What is the problem?

Hot weather cycles are starting earlier, getting hotter, and running longer. Labor availability is shrinking as qualified technicians retire. Lead times for scheduling, estimating, and equipment are increasing. This creates a "perfect storm" for users- creating debilitating levels of pressure on employees tasked with managing the trauma of "no A/C" situations

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Why does the problem exist?

Instead of simplifying this problem for customers, the HVAC service industry has complicated things. The industry is fragmented among manufacturers, contractors, and EMS/monitoring companies. 90% of decision-makers don't have the knowledge base, time, or budget to cohesively bundle these areas. As a result, they exist in the status quo chaos of downtime and runaway costs.

Free at Last!

Consumers deserve services that are proactive, predictable, and easy to manage.

We’re rebuilding the industry business model from scratch. We’re taking the latest in HVAC technology, the cloud, energy management, and best practice vendor management to create a quiet, effortless ownership experience.


The Particle IQ Solution

Particle IQ is a cloud-enabled HVAC service that allows you to bundle installation, energy management, fault monitoring, maintenance, and reactive repairs into a single, cost-effective monthly service.


How It Works

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Early Detection

If we detect an issue, we will dispatch a technician to diagnose any issues before your staff even knows there is an issue. We analyze wear-and-tear items in the off-season for replacement, saving you from disruption during peak season.

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Decreased paperwork

You no longer have to process piles of repair and maintenance proposals or invoices, saving you time and money.


Cost Certainty

With a single monthly payment, there are no unpleasant budget surprises or upfront costs at the end of the year, saving you from fronting the costs of replacements and repairs.