Who we are

Particle IQ is a cloud-enabled HVAC solution that allows real-estate users to bundle new equipment, maintenance, warranty, and energy management into a single, cost-effective monthly payment.


What we solve

Most real-estate users are caught in a trap between the expense and stress of maintaining old, obsolete equipment and the capital-intensive cost of replacing HVAC units. Particle IQ allows you to keep your cash working in your business, lower operating expenses (repairs, maintenance, and utilities), and keep your customers and employees operating in a more comfortable environment.

How we solve it

First, we dispatch a qualified technician to assess the quantity and condition of your equipment. Next, we get a quick business credit application from you while we build a replacement estimate. The estimate will include all-inclusive equipment, installation, maintenance, warranty, and energy management amortized across a 60-month term. The equipment is yours to keep at the end of the 60-month term, and you can choose to extend a maintenance and warranty agreement with Particle IQ or select on of your own providers.

Harmonize HVAC and your bottom line

All sale structures are direct financing and fully depreciable. We also capture all eligible SRP and APS rebates, which adds cash back to your business after installation. Your equipment will be more energy efficient, so you’ll see a decrease in utility costs. Plus, everything is under warranty so no more repair costs hurting your bottom line!