Reinventing the industry, solving the HVAC trap.

Particle IQ has rebuilt the HVAC industry business model from scratch. We are taking the latest in technology, the cloud, energy management, and the best practices to create an effortless ownership experience.

With Particle IQ, there’s no major initial cost associated with completely replacing your old HVAC equipment for new, reliable, and more energy efficient gear. The cost is broken down into monthly payments spread out over the course of 10 years, allowing you to focus your time and money on other important aspects of your business.

We provide an all inclusive solution for your HVAC needs. Our method offers a monitoring system for your equipment, an interactive cloud system, and automatic notifications when something is wrong. When something goes awry, we’re notified and a certified technician to your business to fix the issue as soon as possible without you needing to contact us. When you join the Particle IQ family, your maintenance, repairs, and replacements are covered under one monthly payment.


Our founder has been in the HVAC industry for over 13 years, and during that time they realized that the old industry model is outdated and inefficient. We recognize that the world and its technology are ever-evolving, making life and business easier. That’s why we believe in bringing HVAC up to speed with other industries that are utilizing similar models.